Our Green Mission & Sustainability Statement:

At The Creative Co. Production Agency, we understand that the greatest challenge we as a collective have faced, is the health of our planet and protecting future generations. Climate change is real, and the effects can be seen everyday all over the world.

The events industry is not known the be the most ecological but that doesn’t mean it can’t be. We always work with our clients to design with sustainability in mind. Working with their long-term goals using reusable, low waste materials with minimal environmental impact. It is important to us that our legacy is green.

How We Achieve

  • We design and produce sustainable and low waste solutions for our clients
  • We use sustainably sourced materials and modular reusable solutions
  • Our global network allows us to work with production partners local to the projects to reduce our carbon footprint but not our reach
  • We continually strive to improve our methods to be ahead of industry standards

Giving Back

  • We support local charities
  • We participate in community incentives like litter picking and tree planting
  • We shop locally
  • We continually look to improve our methods to be ahead of industry standards

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